Irritated skin is demanding and tends to react violently to stress. SOS calls of the skin show themselves in inflammations, redness, pimples and/or extreme dryness. The primary goal is therefore to restore the skin's natural balance and strengthen this sensitive skin type for the stresses of everyday life. Pure ingredients on a natural basis promote the regeneration and vitality of the skin. Red ginseng, the "power root" from Korea, is very well suited for unbalanced and dry skin as a regenerating restorative substance.

According to an estimate by German dermatologists, around one in two people have sensitive skin (source mdr, 2018). Particularly critical for this skin type are fragrances and preservatives, which are contained in most cosmetic products. The Red Ginseng Facial Soap contains neither natural nor synthetic fragrances or preservatives. In addition, the alkaline pH of the bar soap stimulates the skin to rebalance itself during and after cleansing. Sebum production is stimulated and the top layer of skin swells slightly. This effect can be very beneficial, especially for very dry skin prone to neurodermatitis. Glycerin, which is produced in the cold process of soap manufacture, is also a natural moisturizer. This sugar alcohol, which is naturally present in the skin, helps the skin to retain more moisture itself. The usual feeling of tightness is thus usually absent after cleansing. The Hinoki water and plant oils contained in the product form a moisturizing and antibacterial basis for all further skin care steps.


The palm oil-free Red Ginseng Fine Facial Soap contains precious red ginseng - doubly concentrated as extract and powder. Highly concentrated ginseng, in combination with precious vegetable oils and shea butter, can protect the skin from dehydration and premature aging already during cleansing. The special feature: Red ginseng has a vitalizing and soothing effect on the skin at the same time. The bar soap also comes without preservatives and contains no fragrances. Therefore, this 100% natural facial soap is ideal for the care of stressed skin.

Ginseng root has been known as a medicinal plant in Asia for 5,000 years. The Korean ginseng used in Red Ginseng Facial Soap is the most popular because it has the highest content and the widest spectrum of ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are saponins found only in ginseng. These different ginsenosides have partly very different effects on the organimus, even opposite effects. One could therefore speak of a Yin & Yang effect. Since the ginseng root is difficult to cultivate and grows very slowly, the price is almost as high as the equally popular truffles.

The Red Ginseng Facial Soap contains 14% shea butter. Shea butter has a refatting, skin smoothing and soothing effect on the skin. Barrier-damaged skin benefits especially from the high content of unsaponifiables in the butter, which strengthens the lipid barrier of the horny layer (dermis). Shea butter is considered very compatible and relaxes irritated skin.

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