It all began in 2015 with a piece of natural soap from Korea – an easy, 100% natural cleansing method that does not leave the skin with a feeling of tension. We knew immediately that every bathroom needed this. Therefore, we made the Korean facial soaps that are now recognisable throughout Germany and the world. The idea of BINU was born.

Katharina Bürger und Nami FündlingBild: Sophia Steube

BINU is not a cosmetic corporation. Not even a big business. It is a large private enterprise, which was founded about three years ago by us, Nami Fündling and Katharina Bürger, with the idea of bringing a unique beauty product to market. Since then, BINU has inevitably evolved, but one thing did not change: we are not only business partners – we are friends that have known each other since our youth. While Katharina is in charge of marketing endeavours and the creative side of the business, Nami, as an industrial engineer, is the analytical manager with knowledge in chemistry. Over the last 18 years, nothing about our friendship has changed: we complement each other. 

BINU Manufactory

Whilst we run the Berlin BINU office and are in charge of sales, marketing and innovative product development, Nami’s parents, Younghee and Dirk, manage the soap manufacture in Damyang. 

Manufaktur in Damyang

The brand BINU is not operated by anonymous leaders – but by relatives and friends with a hands-on mentality.

With so much personal involvement, it seems wrong to speak of a „brand“ – rather, BINU is a friend’s and family business for everyone who wants to try a unique beauty product. Hence, friendmade in Korea.

Working conditions, Recycling & Sustainability

Sustainability is very important to us and we will continue to do our utmost to produce ecological, economical and for social benefits. Our employees in the manufactory are residents of the nearest village who are paid above the minimum wage. In several steps, our BINU facial soaps are manufactured in a cold process. The soaps dry and ripen for five weeks before their journey to Europe.

BINU Seifen beim Trocknen

Soaps made from natural raw materials are biodegradable. We are against animal testing and develop our soaps 100% cruelty free. Our packaging is made of recyclable materials. We ship our goods environmental friendly and ship within Germany with DHL Go Green.

Since May 2019 Mosaik in Berlin-Reinickendorf is out logistics partner. In the non-profit organisation people with disabilities work, what we would like to support. All orders from BINU online shop are sent from there. 

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