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Dry skin is often the result of a disturbed barrier function of the skin. It is many times more vulnerable than normal skin. Blemishes, blackheads and pimples are the unpleasant side effects of the imbalance of dry skin. Extremely dry skin is accompanied by redness, flaky patches and permanent feelings of tension. We would like to show you ways to bring your dry impure skin back into balance:

Step 1: Change your cleansing routine

Many people ask: What helps against dry blemished skin? Proper cleansing is indeed essential. BINU bar soaps for the face Cleanse the skin with 100% natural ingredients both mildly and effectively, without creating feelings of tension. Why does it work so well? It is especially important for already irritated skin to avoid additional irritating substances. Natural soaps, for example, contain no preservatives that can irritate the skin. The alkaline pH value also ensures that the skin is stimulated to become active again itself and to come into balance. BINU soaps are natural soaps produced in a cold process with glycerin. The valuable sugar alcohol is moisture-binding and barrier-protecting. Ideal for barrier-damaged, dry skin.

BINU Calendula Facial Soap is tailored to the needs of dry, dehydrated skin. It moisturizes and cleanses dry skin while nourishing it with high-quality antibacterial ingredients, such as hinoki water and lavender essential oil. The namesake calendula is a proven medicinal plant and can help heal redness of dry skin. Goat's milk has a high content of vitamins A, C, B1 and D, as well as the minerals calcium, zinc and potassium. For those who want to avoid animal ingredients, the vegan Red Ginseng Soap without fragrance is perfect. The Bamboo Charcoal Facial Soap with its bioactive bamboo activated charcoal is ideal for removing blackheads in the T-zone, but is more suitable for oily blemished skin and combination skin. Here is a brief overview of which BINU facial soap is suitable for which skin type:

For dry skin with redness and pimples and/or acne scars.

Bamboo Charcoal Facial Soap

for oily impure skin and combination skin with pimples and blackheads

Red Ginseng Facial Soap

for dry impure skin with (first) wrinkles

Rice Wine Facial Soap

for sensitive dry skin with pimples

Step 2: Break the vicious circle

The consequence of a disturbed barrier function is dehydrated skin that "loses" too much moisture to the environment. Balancing the skin's lipid balance with vegetable oils can be a sensible measure. Lipids from vegetable oils, such as jojoba oil or camellia seed oil - both contained in Camellia Extra Virgin Face Oil - curb moisture loss without sealing off the skin. Virgin olive oil is also excellent for dry skin care. It leaves a light film and is only gradually absorbed by the skin. Virgin coconut oil, shea butter and sunflower oil are other base oils of BINU facial soaps. Moisturizers, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, also help the skin retain moisture better. They are included in Sandawha's Camellia Brightening Oil Mist. The spray, which is applied directly to cleansed skin, also contains antioxidant camellia extract and vitamin B3 (niacinamdide), which can actively strengthen the skin's barrier function.

Sandawha Brightening Oil Mist

Especially for dry heating air in winter, you can use the Sandawha Camellia Brightening Oil Mist can be sprayed on again and again as needed. The contained vitamin B3 preserves the moisture of the skin by supporting the skin in the formation of cholesterols and ceramides.

The so-called layering method, i.e. several light layers of cosmetics, can strengthen and support dry skin. Sandawha 's Liposome range is ideally suited to the care of dry blemished skin, as it contains many mild natural moisturizers without being too rich. The series is rich in antioxidants and nourishing, skin-soothing ingredients. Afterwards, we recommend Sandawha's Camellia Seed Facial Oil as a nourishing finish to finish and especially at night. You can also find these products in the Sandawha Tester Set.

Step 3: Develop a healthy routine

Dirt, makeup and excess sebum are thoroughly removed from the skin thanks to BINU soaps, allowing the skin to return to its natural supple, elastic state. At night, the skin's natural regenerative powers are at their strongest, which is why it is very important to thoroughly cleanse your face in the evening. Our skin test will tell you which BINU soap is right for you. Pflegeroutine für trockene unreine Haut Nutrition, lifestyle and hormones also have a major influence on the appearance of the skin. Find out what this has to do with plastic in everyday life in the blog article "Why plastic-free cosmetics?".

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