Dry skin is often accompanied by feelings of tightness and dryness lines. It also does not reflect light in the same way as healthier skin and can appear older than it is. Very dry skin is accompanied by itching, redness and eczema, which can be signs of atopic dermatitis. Dry skin should be gently cared for with mild, moisturizing ingredients. A natural facial care with the right active ingredients makes dry skin radiant again.

How can I tell that I have dry skin?

  • Rather pale skin with fine pores
  • Low in oil and/or moisture
  • Premature formation of wrinkles
  • Tightness after washing

Care routine for dry skin

The natural supple, elastic state of the skin can protect the entire body from invaders. Whether it is a weather-related or chronic problem, dry skin is less healthy and more vulnerable. Dryness and lack of moisture are often the result of impaired barrier function. As a result, the skin is dehydrated because it loses too much moisture. Balancing the skin's lipid balance with vegetable oils can be a sensible measure. They stem the loss of moisture without sealing the skin. Here you can already start with a cleansing product that has a moisturizing effect. BINU soaps are slightly over-fatted, i.e. the oils are not all completely saponified. The contained virgin olive oil is excellent for the care of dry skin. It leaves a light film and is only gradually absorbed by the skin.

Virgin coconut oil, shea butter and sunflower oil are other base oils of BINU facial soaps. Moisturizers, such as glycerin and hyaluron, additionally help the skin to retain moisture better. Glycerin is considered to be particularly well tolerated. The sugar alcohol is moisture-binding and barrier-protecting. Glycerin is produced during soap manufacture. We leave the resulting glycerin in our soaps as a skin care agent. In conventional soap making or Aleppo soap, the glycerin is removed from the soaps in the process and added to other products, such as creams.

Sandawha Brightening Oil Mist

Sandawha Camellia Brightening Oil Mist

For further care, we recommend the Korean layering method for dry skin, i.e. applying several light layers of cosmetics. After cleansing, Sandawha Brightening Oil Mist has a toning effect, while the oil phase of the moisturizer made from camellia seed oil has a hydrating effect on the skin. From the same line of Sandawha, you can then use the Oil Serum and Floral Water Cream, which contains hyaluronic acid. The series is rich in antioxidants and nourishing, skin-soothing ingredients. Especially during dry heating air in winter, you can spray on the Oil Mist again and again as needed. The contained vitamin B3 preserves the moisture of the skin by helping the skin to form cholesterols and ceramides.

Soap for dry skin

Our BINU Calendula Facial Soap is tailored to the needs of dry skin. The slightly alkaline pH also ensures that the skin is stimulated to become active again itself and come into balance. Calendula Facial Soap cleanses dry skin in a moisturizing way while caring for it with high-quality antibacterial ingredients, such as Hinoki water and lavender essential oil. Calula, which gives the soap its name, is a proven medicinal plant and can help heal redness of dry skin. Goat's milk is high in vitamins A, C, B1 and D, as well as the minerals calcium, zinc and potassium. For those who want to avoid animal ingredients, the vegan Red Ginseng soap without fragrance is perfect.

Since BINU bar soaps are self-preserving due to their pH value, there is no need to use potentially skin-irritating preservatives. This means that even people with problem skin, such as neurodermatitis, can tolerate the soap well. Our customer Nathalie says about the Calendula Facial Soap: "My skin is very sensitive - dry and often unfortunately a bit "bitchy" thus I do not tolerate many cleansers. After my skin got used to the Calendula Soap, it is since then less dry, less prone to redness and the complexion is more even. The gentle scent is refreshing and smells like "clean", and that's exactly how theskin feels after each cleanse - clean, but without being taut! For dry & sensitive skin, I would recommend using a refreshing toner and a nourishing facial after each cleanse. I can really recommend this soap to anyone (with sensitive skin)." You can find more reviews on the respective product pages in the online store.

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Dry skin and pimples

Pimples can have many causes. A brittle, dry skin barrier can of course be one reason, but incorrect care, hormonal stress and certain foods are also causes. We have compiled our lifestyle tips for dry impure skin here: What to do for dry AND impure skin?

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