In normal skin, the acid mantle, sebaceous glands and blood circulation function ideally and the moisture balance is intact. It has hardly any oily areas and appears balanced. Normal skin is soft, smooth and has fine pores, it is very insensitive to lifestyle influences and the weather and is hardly a cause for concern. In short, normal skin is very easy to care for.

How can I tell that I have normal skin?

  • Fine-pored structure
  • Insensitive to lifestyle influences
  • Flawless and plump
  • Only occasional hormonal pimples

What care routine for normal skin?

It is important to keep the oil and moisture balance permanently in balance, so that normal does not quickly become dry or sensitive skin. The daily care basis for normal skin consists of a good cleansing and a care cream. This gives the skin moisture and protects it from drying out.

Step 1: cleanse skin thoroughly in the morning and evening, always removing facial cleansing products well. We recommend our alkaline facial soaps for this, with the vegan Rice Wine Facial Soap and Bamboo Facial Soap being best for normal skin. A washcloth or facial cleansing brush can additionally stimulate the blood circulation of the skin.

Rice Wine Facial Soap

Step 2 (optional): The last traces of cleansing products are removed in a second step by the toner. It is particularly important to avoid alcohol in this step. A toner also prepares the skin for subsequent care. For this purpose, we recommend Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner Deep Rich, which acts like a serum.
Step 3: A rich moisturizer nourishes the skin and protects it from moisture loss. We recommend the Sandawha Floral Water Cream.

Just because normal skin is low maintenance doesn't mean you shouldn't pamper it. Face masks are a valuable wellness program and make you feel completely comfortable in your skin.

The best ingredients for normal skin

There areingredients that can help normal skin stay in balance. Honey and lavender are among them. Olive and coconut oils provide valuable moisture. Our BINU facial soaps are slightly superfatted, which means some of the vegetable fats, such as olive and virgin coconut oil, are not saponified, but can moisturize even as they cleanse. Honey is included in the Bamboo Facial Soap and lavender essential oil is found in the Calendula Facial Soap. If you want to know which is the right facial soap for your skin, take the skin test here.

Everything in balance

When we talk about acid-base balance, we are not talking about the pH of the stomach alone, but of the entire body. Our body is about 20% acidic and 80% alkaline. To maintain this balance, our diet should have the same nutrition. The body thanks us for it. For example, citrus fruits are acidic but have an alkalizing effect on the body after digestion. Acid-forming foods are: Sugar, coffee, dairy products, alcohol and red meat.

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