Most of us have combination skin. Combination skin tends to have oilier areas on the forehead, nose and chin ("T-zone") and dry areas on cheeks and around the mouth and eyes. In the T-zone area, the pores are slightly enlarged. Here there can be an oversupply of sebum, which can lead to impurities. Combination skin is very sensitive to weather changes and temperature fluctuations.

How can I tell that I have combination skin?

  • large pores
  • impure T-zone
  • quickly oily
  • dry cheek area

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Finding the right care is a real challenge with combination skin. The key here is to try out and combine different products! A beauty hack for combination skin is to use a lighter day cream or serum and add a few drops of oil to it for the cheek area. We recommend camellia seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, for this.

Öl mit Creme mischen

Mixing different products is also possible in the area of facial cleansing with the BINU Minis possible. The three soap cubes are for different skin types and make it possible to treat different areas of the skin differently. We suggest the Bamboo- or Calendula soap for the cheek area and the Bamboo Charcoal Soap for the T-zone area, where it cleanses the skin deep into the pores and removes excess sebum. You can also leave the black charcoal soap on for a few minutes if needed before washing it off. With the 3-piece mini set one can individually respond to the needs of the individual skin areas.

Moisturizing program

Your cheek, mouth and eye areas probably tend to be dehydrated. Regular moisturizing masks will ensure that your skin is optimally nourished. Find a day cream that maintains the skin's natural protective barrier, binds moisture, nourishes the skin with active ingredients and protects against environmental stress. If there is an extreme gradient between the forehead and cheek area, it is recommended to use two different creams, such as Sandawha Floral Water Cream for the cheek area and Sebum Treatment for the T-zone.

Refuel" at night

The skin regenerates at night. Important metabolic processes take place then. So that your skin can concentrate on this and not be distracted by free radicals or bacteria, it is especially important to remove your makeup in the evening. BINU founder Katharina has combination skin. Her evening care program: BINU Minis, Sandawha Oil Mist and then a rich balm, like the facial oil. A shiny face doesn't bother at night and the dry cheek area can "refuel".

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