Soap Dish Rocky M./ White

€22.50 €25

The shape of the Rocky M. soap dish is reminiscent of mountain ranges. On Rocky M. the soap only rests on a few points and stays perfectly dry. Rocky M. is a handmade soap dish made of ceramics, high-fired stoneware - a real luxury product. Irregularities in glaze and clay are characteristic of ceramics and stoneware. The soap dishes are produced in the Christophorus workshops in Fürstenwalde, Brandenburg. The Christophorus Workshops are recognised workshops for handicapped people. Due to the nature and severity of their disability, more than 420 employees are unable or not yet able to work in the general labour market. With Rocky M. you not only acquire a functional soap dish, but also make an ecological and social contribution to sustainability. The high-quality design can also be used as a sponge tray or for jewellery. Not only the washbasin, but also the sink and the shelf become eye-catchers.

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